8 Best Wire Cutters For Thick Wires: Complete Buying Guide In 2023

Wire Cutters for thick wires

Whether you are an electrician, mechanic, or DIYer, cutting thick wires is always a part of your project. And it is always confusing which wire cutters to buy in order to cut thick wires.

A good pair of wire cutters gives you an edge by allowing you to perform your tasks smoothly while enabling you to safely and easily cut through wires with minimal effort.

The beauty of wires cutters is that it not only helps you cut wires but also help you bend, grasp, hold and segregate different wires.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient wire cutter, this article will provide you with a complete guide on how to choose the best wire cutters for thick wires.

Therefore, without any further delay, let’s get started.

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Best Wire Cutters: Our Top Picks

There are many types of wire cutters that are available in a range of sizes, functionality, and quality. In this guide, we will be discussing all the factors, but if you don’t have time to go through the whole article, just check out the below list.

  1. Best Overall: Klein Tools 63050 Cable Cutter
  2. Best on a budget: IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Pliers
  3. Best for Professionals: Klein Tools 11063W Wire Cutter
  4. Best for Precision Tasks: Outivity 8″ Cutting Pliers Wire Cutter Steel Cable
  5. Best For Multipurpose use: KNIPEX CoBolt Compact Bolt Cutter
  6. Best Heavy Duty: TOOLEAGUE 10 inches Cable Cutter
  7. Best for Hardened steels: VistaView CableTec Hardened Steel Cable Cutters
  8. Best for Crafts: KAIWEETS Wire Cutters 5-Inch Flush Pliers

What To Look For When Buying Wire Cutters

Wire cutters come in a variety of forms, and each type might have unique characteristics that affect how well and how long they last. When comparing wire cutters and deciding which features your wire cutters need, take into account the features listed below.

  • Materials: The most effective wire cutters are constructed of alloys such as carbon steel, chromium, and vanadium. They are strong enough as a result to withstand rough use. Some brands also use extra materials to shield them from rust and corrosion.
  • Usage: For various wire types, various wire cutters are best. Large cutters cannot be used to cut small wires and cables, and the opposite is also true. Specialized wire cutters are made to accomplish specific tasks. Therefore, be sure to choose wisely if you want to get the greatest outcomes.
  • Grip: No matter how effectively a set of wire cutters functions, if you find it difficult to hold them for a lengthy amount of time, you won’t want to use them. A wire cutter’s comfort level greatly depends on the handle length and grip material.
  • Lifespan: You should choose extremely carefully if you want to purchase a wire cutter that you can use for a long time. Thick wires cannot be cut through by many cutters. A wire cutter shouldn’t be pushed or forced over its breaking point because doing so will gradually wear it out. Choose a wire cutter that can handle a variety of cuts.
  • Safety: A cutter ought to be safe to use and secure. You’ll want them to make precise cuts while simultaneously taking precautions to prevent electrocution. Similarly, the edges shouldn’t be too jagged to hurt you. Verify that your cutter has all the necessary safety features, like latches, locks, straps, etc.

Best Wire Cutters For Thick Wires: Complete Review

The market is filled with a variety of the best wire cutters, all of which successfully carry out the tasks. Shopping for and selecting an appropriate wire cutter can therefore be challenging and complicated.

Because of this exact reason, I curated this list of wire cutters based upon thorough research. This will help you in picking the right product.

1. Klein Tools 63050 Cable Cutter: Best Overall


  • Shear type jaws
  • Through-hardened cutting surfaces
  • Beveled jaw tip
  • Portable

4/0 aluminum, 2/0 soft copper, and 100-pair 24 AWG communications cable can be cut with the cable cutter.

This tool has cable-gripping shear-type jaws with a one-handed, precise shearing action and can be carried in most toolboxes.

The cutting surfaces are trough-hardened for easy cutting and longer-lasting cutting surfaces.

The jaw edges are safeguarded by the correct mating and shearing action provided by bevelled jaw tips while the hot-riveted joint ensures smooth action and no handle wobble.

2. IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Pliers: Best On Budget


  • Nickel chromium steel
  • Induction hardened cutting edge
  • ProTouch grip

The IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Pliers are made of nickel-chromium steel for durability and has a cutting edge that has been induction hardened and jaws that have been machined for maximum grip power.

The cutting pliers include ProTouch grips for added comfort and reduced hand fatigue and the pliers meet ANSI specifications.

3. Klein Tools 11063W Wire Cutter: Best For Professionals


  • Double ratcheting cable cutter
  • Minimal cable distortion
  • Replaceable blades
  • Quick release
  • Extra comfort

If you are a professional wire and cable cutter who needs to cut different sizes and types of wires at a time, this tool is just perfect for you.

It has a double ratcheting cable that is perfect for cutting up to 750 kcmil copper and 1000 kcmil aluminum cables.

The best part about this cutter is that it has replaceable blades. Now you don’t need to throw away your tool once they are blunt.

The rounded blade design reduces cable distortion while cutting, and the hardened steel blades guarantee consistent cuts and long-term endurance.

The quick-release blades open anytime and the molded grip provides extra comfort while making cuts.

4. KNIPEX CoBolt Compact Bolt Cutter: Best Multipurpose Use


  • Chrome vanadium electric steel
  • Lightweight cutter 
  • Applies 20 times more force
  • Optimum cutting performance and service life 

The Knipex high-leverage CoBolt cutter features a lever action design that applies 20 times more hand force for superior cutting power with less effort.

It’s ideal for automotive or construction applications, cutting cotter pins and nails, repeated use in factory assembly lines, cutting wire fencing in agricultural settings, or even everyday tasks such as cutting floral wire or fish hooks.

It has a cutting capacity of up to 1/4-inch for soft wire, 13/64-inch medium hard wire, 5/32-inch hardwire, and 9/64-inch piano wire.

It is also provided with a gripping jaw for gripping and pulling nails and wires.

5. TOOLEAGUE 10 inches Cable Cutter: Best Heavy Duty


  • High Quality
  • PVC non-slip handle
  • Industrial grade
  • Prevents hand and wrist fatigue

It has a high-leverage design for outstanding cutting power, and can effortlessly cut through 10-inch electronics cable, soft 4/0 aluminum, soft copper, 7/8-inch coaxial cable, and 100 pairs of 24-AWG communications cable.

Cutting surfaces that are through-hardened rather than case-hardened will endure longer and the cutting blades in the anvil design are precisely manufactured.

The cable-gripping shear-type jaws provides a high-leverage design for exceptional cutting capability.

6. VistaView CableTec Hardened Steel Cable Cutters: Best For Hard Materials


  • High strength
  • Excellent cut
  • Hardened steel
  • Simple operation
  • Easy-grip handles

VistaView CableTec Hardened Steel Cable Cutters with Tapered Jaws can be used to cut up to 1/4-inch stainless steel and galvanized cables.

Cable cuts are always clean because of the rounded, tapered jaws, which eliminate the need for cable taping and the tool is only 18” long, which eliminates the struggle with a giant tool.

This tool is newer and improved which has thicker jaws and better handles offering a comfortable grip when cutting stainless steel or galvanized cables thus making it a more durable tool.

7. KAIWEETS Wire Cutters 5-Inch Flush Pliers: Best For Crafts


  • Multi-functional
  • Sharp and durable
  • Angled jaws
  • TPR made handle
  • Printed gauge

The KAWEETS wire cutter helps in precision stripping for wires between 10 and 20 AWG, cutting copper, aluminum, and encased core wires, cables, and insulated terminals.

The microwire cutter is composed of long, heat-treated carbon steel, which ensures its endurance and allows for a smooth, clean cut and quick snip with little effort.

The pliers have a 30 deg angle that fits easily into confined spaces and the ergonomically designed handle and hidden spring help reduce fatigue, save effort, and enhance corrosion resistance.


When it comes to choosing a plier, there are many different options to choose from. But which one is best for you? It honestly depends on the job you want to do.

And, to make it easier for you to choose the best one, we have reviewed some of the bestselling models on the market. 

We hope our list of the best wire cutters to cut thick wires has helped you make a decision about what’s perfect for you. Have Fun!

FAQ: 8 Best Wire Cutters For Thick Wires

There are many different types of wire cutters for thick wires. But there are many questions from people related to this. Here I am answering some important questions.

1. Are Bolt Cutters Better Than Wire Cutters?

Ans: Both bolt cutters and wire cutters are sharp enough. The difference is in the amount of force you will apply. Wire cutters need a strong hand while the long handles of the bolt cutters provide extra leverage and make cutting effortless.

2. What are the different types of cutters available?

Ans: The different types of cutters available in the market are side cutters, cable cutters, flush cutters, end cutters, diagonal cutters, and bolt cutters.

3. How Do I Choose a Wire Cutter?

Ans: Choosing a wire cutter is a difficult job if you don’t know what you actually want. You need to look into factors like material, grip, lifespan, safety, and how and for what purpose you are going to use it.

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