How To Pull Out Bent Nail Using A Claw Hammer: Learn The Right Way

pull out bent nail using claw hammer

Almost all of us have hammered a nail and have faced a situation where the nail gets bent. It is the most common issue faced when working with nails.

Dealing with bend nails may not be as easy as it seems to be. Sometimes, the nails get bent and stuck in such a way that it becomes difficult to remove them. You may also end up damaging your material.

It is not easy to remove all types of nails using the same method. There are different techniques for removing nails. Each technique differs from the other depending upon the type of bent.

You can use a claw hammer, cat’s paw, prying bar, or nail remover to remove different types of nails. But a claw hammer is the most common tool that is found everywhere.

So, we are here to share the different techniques to pull out bent nail using a claw hammer based on our experiences and research.

But before you proceed any further, make sure to follow basic safety rules when working with hand tools. This is important to keep you safe.

Let’s dive right in…

How To Pull Out Bent Nail Using A Claw Hammer

You must have come across a situation when you are hitting the nail and your nails get bent. Now, you cant proceed with your work further and your next step is to remove the nail.

However, how you are going to remove the nail will depend on the type of bent and the length the nail has sunken into the material.

It is easy to remove the nails that are halfway sunken. However, long nails that are too deep will require an extra amount of effort.

Removing the nail will leave back a large hole. It is well enough if you are good with the hole but if looks matter in your project you need to find out ways to fix the large hole.

1. When The Nail Is Sunken Half Way And Bent.

When the nail is sunken only halfway, it is not a difficult task to remove the nail till the head of the nail is visible.

Step 1: Get hold of the nail head using the claw side of the hammer. If you are not able to get hold of the head, lift the head using a screwdriver.

Step 2: Begin pulling out the nail giving it twisting motions. If the nail is not too long, you would easily get rid of the nail doing this.

Step 3: But if the nail is long enough, you will need a support block at the base of the hammer to apply a greater amount of pull force.

2. When The Nail Is Bent And Buried In The Material.

This type of nail is the most difficult one to remove. Learning how to remove bent and sunken nails can help you during construction and renovation projects.

Step 1: Since the nail is buried deep inside it will be difficult to get hold of the nail using the claw of the hammer. So, try exposing the head of the nail using a knife or any other sharp object.

Step 2: Once the head is exposed enough, grab the head of the nail using the claw of the hammer. Make sure the hold is strong enough such that the claw does not slip off.

Step 3: Begin prying slowly to lift the nail head from the surface. Move the nail to the left and right, back, and this. This will loosen up the nail so that it comes out easily.

Step 4: Once the nail is lifted enough from the surface, hold the claw close enough to the surface of the material and continue pulling it sideways, back and forth until the nail instantly falls.

Step 5: If the nail is very long, take a wooden wedge and place it underneath the head of the hammer for a lift and continue pulling it.

How To Remove A Nail Without A Head

One of the most frustrating things when dealing with nails is when the head of a nail breaks off. Since they can be difficult to drive in and pull out, headless nails can be a real pain.

So let us see step by step how you can easily remove a nail with no head.

Step 1: Using a claw hammer, insert the nail into the claw of the hammer.

Step 2: Take a pair of lineman’s plier and grip the shaft of the nail tightly such that it doesn’t slips.

Step 3: Pull the hammer in the same way as you would pull when the head of the nail is intact.

Step 4: Make sure the pliers are tight against the hammer claws. Pull up and back on the nail with the pliers at the same time. The broken nail should be easy to remove using the two hand tools combined leverage.

Tips To Avoid Bending Of Nails

It is very frustrating when your nail bends in the middle of your project. Nails are slim and tend to easily bend during hammering.

Therefore, here are a few things you can do to avoid the bending of nails.

  1. Use Pliers: When you are pounding the nail, use a pair of pliers to hold them in place. This will not bend the nail while giving you better control and a non-slip grip.
  2. Hit Slow And Light: Don’t be in a hurry to hit the nail. Do it slowly giving light strokes till the nail is halfway in. Now there is no more risk of nail getting bend. You can easily pound the other half of the nail with full force.
  3. Use Bigger Sized Nails: The smaller and thinner the nails are, the more likely they are to be bent while pounding. So, if you are okay with using bigger or regular nails, go for them first.
  4. Use Softer Material: The harder the material, the more chances are high that the nail will bend. So, if you can choose you material, go for softer ones.

Best Claw Hammers To Pull Out Bent Nails

Since now you know how to remove a bent nail, you will also be requiring a claw hammer. It is well and good if you have one.

But, if you don’t own one, this guide will help you select the right claw hammer to pull nails. Here are the 3 best claw hammers selected for you.

1. Mr. Pen- Claw Hammer

Mr. Pen Claw Hammer is a small stubby hammer weighing around 8 ounces which is just perfect to be used at home to drive nails and pull out bent nails.

The design and the size of the hammer make it quite handy and therefore preferred by many. The ergonomically designed non-slip soft handle gives you a great experience.

The small size of the hammer is just perfect and very much convenient for work allowing you to carry it anywhere and everywhere.

Without a doubt, you can easily go for this hammer if you are looking for one as it is High-Density Carbon Steel, Anti-rust, and Durable.

2. Irwin Claw Hammer

Irwin Claw Hammer is a great hammer if you prefer a little weight. This hammer weighs 16 ounces and the head is made up of forged steel for superior durability.

The handle of the hammer is made up of fiberglass for shock absorption and the Pro Touch grip provides comfort and reduces fatigue.

If you work with a hammer very frequently, this is going to be the best choice for you. It features a smooth face to prevent surface marks and a rip claw for nail removal and prying applications.

3. ESTWING Claw Hammer 

If you are looking for a hammer that can be used for years altogether, this is just the perfect one. The hammer is forged in one piece which means no poor-quality castings or welds to fail. 

You can use the hammer for all types of work apart from nails. It has a versatile and straight rip claw design which can be used for everything from pulling nails and prying boards to demolition work and splitting wood.

Estwing’s molded Shock Reduction Grip provides optimal slip-free comfort, durability, and superior grip in all Jobsite conditions.


Pulling nails is a time-consuming process if you don’t know how to do it. It can damage wood or concrete which is a great problem.

That’s why we have discussed the three conditions of bent nails. The way you pull out nails will differ from each other depending upon the type of bent.

Before removing a nail, have a close look at the nail and understand its type so that you do not damage your work.

I hope you have learned how to remove buried nails from this article. In any case, a hammer doesn’t work, you can also go for other methods of nail removal.

By the way, this whole article is written after deep research and depends on my own experience. So you are not going to face any problems. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment below.

FAQ: How To Pull Out Bent Nail Using A Claw Hammer

Many people fail to remove the nails that they want to and end up damaging their workpieces. That is why there is a lot of doubt regarding this among people.

In this FAQ section, we have tried our best to answer some of the most common doubts.

1. How To Safely Remove A Nail That Is Stuck In A Wall?

Ans: You can easily remove the nail from the wall using a claw hammer making sure that you do not damage the wall. If a claw hammer doesn’t work, use a plier to pull it out while giving twisting motions.

2. Why Do Nails Bend While Hammering?

Ans: If you bend your most frequently, that can be a few reasons. Your nail may be too long or you make be knocking way too fast. It can happen when the hammer hits the nail at an angle.

3. How To Avoid Bending Of Nails While Hammering?

Ans: Hold the nail with a pair of pliers keeping it straight. Give light strokes while keeping the hammer head flat.

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