How To Fix a Spinning Screw

how to fix a spinning screw

Every one of you must have come across this situation where your screw keeps spinning and spinning no matter how hard you try to tighten it.

It is really frustrating when you are trying to fix things and the screw keeps on slipping. This means the screw is totally loose in the screw hole and the threads have no bite whatsoever on whatever material the screw was screwed into.

So, today in this article we will be discussing all the different methods by which you can solve the problem of a spinning screw.

Come on, let’s dig in !!

Methods To Fix a Spinning Screw

There are various ways how you can fix a spinning screw. Out of those many methods, we will be discussing only the ones that will work for you and will give the best results.

Method 1: Fill The Hole

Step 1: Get the old screws out using a screwdriver or a prybar.

Step 2: Take some toothpicks or wood shims and pour wood glue on them.

Step 3: Take the toothpicks or ship and insert them into the hole of the cabinet and insert them as far as you can ensuring the hole is not completely filled as the screw will require some room to get inserted.

Step 4: Then break the excess portion of the wood.

Step 5: Finally, screw up your cabinet. The wooden sticks will provide a good grip on the screw and here your screw is completely tightened up.

Method 2: Find a Longer and Thicker Screw

If the timber length is sufficient, just grab a longer and thicker screw and drill it into the hole. The longer screw will reach the good part of the wood and the thickness of the screw will provide a good grip. This will tighten your screw and it won’t spin again.

Method 3: Fill some sawdust

You can also try out this method of filling the screw hole with sawdust. This will help tighten the screw.

Method 4: Purchase a screw hollow repair kit

Step 1: If you are done with these traditional methods, you can go for a screw repair kit. In the kit, you will find solid inserts of different sizes 3/8″ or 1/4″ and glue.

Step 2: Take a drill bit of the size of the solid inserts and drill holes. Now insert the inserts into the hole with the help of adhesives that you would find along with the kit.

Step 3: Allow the adhesive to dry completely and then drill smaller new holes by using a smaller drill bit.

Step 4: Here you go! Your new hole is ready. Now you can fix your screw into the hole really tight.

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