How To Drill Into Hard Concrete: In Just 12 Steps

How to drill into hard concrete

Drilling hole into concrete is a skill that you are definitely going to need no matter if you are a  DIYer or a homemaker. You will need it to put up shelves, hang paintings, install lights, and do work much more quickly and safely.

But drilling a hole into concrete is not going to be as easy as drilling into wooden walls or walls made of bricks. You need to learn how to drill into the concrete.

Only skills won’t work. You also need to select the right tool and learn how to use them. This way, what looks like a challenging job can be made simpler with the right tools and techniques.

In this article, we will be learning about which tools to select for concrete and the step-by-step procedure to make a hole in the concrete.

So, let’s begin…..

How To Drill Into Hard Concrete

Step 1: Select the drill

You can drill a hole or two in the concrete with your rotary drill and masonry bit slowly. But be careful with it as you may burn your motor or break a few drill bits.

If you plan to go for multiple drills, buy an electric hammer drill or simply rent it if you are having only one-time use.

Step 2: Insert drill bits

Insert an appropriate tungsten carbide bit for your desired hole size into the hammer drill.

Step 3: Get acquainted with your tool

Before starting to work, you must know and get comfortable with your tool properly.

Step 4: Mark the desired position of the holes

Take a pencil and mark the exact position where you want to make the hole.

Step 5: Mark the depth of the hole

Set the depth of the hole you need by adjusting the stop bar in the drill machine. But even if a stop bar is not provided, you can simply take a colorful tape and mark the length on the carbide bit itself.

Step 6: Wear safety apparatus

Before starting to work, ensure that you wear all the necessary safety apparatus. This includes safety goggles, gloves, and a dust mask.

Step 7: Hold your drill correctly

Keep your one foot forward and the other backward and hold your drill like a gun with your index finger on the trigger.

Step 8: Make a guide hole

First of all, make a guide hole of about 1/8 to 1/4 inches deep. This guide hole will help you in better control of the machine.

Turn your drill on at a slower speed and give control bursts for a few seconds each until you have achieved a hole.

Step 9: Increase the speed

Once your pilot hole is ready, remove the dust-out. Position your drill at the center of the hole. Start with low speed and increase your speed gradually.

Keep a firm grip on the drill machine while at full speed but remember not to force in the drill.

Step 10: Give a pause

When your drill is too deep, you need to give a few pauses in between to clear out the concrete dust and allow the bit to cool down a bit.

Pausing every 15 to 20 seconds will suffice and will prevent overheating and breaking of the drill.

Step 11: Blow out the dust

Once you have drilled your desired length, blow out all the dust from the hole using a can of compressed air or a squeeze bulb.

Make sure to wear your google and mask throughout the process as concrete dust can enter your eyes causing itchiness and also breathing in concrete dust is hazardous to health.

FAQ: How To Drill Into Hard Concrete

Finding the right way to drill into concrete is crucial as you may hurt yourself or even damage your tool. Most people wanting to drill into concrete have many questions.

As a result, we have included some of them in this post to provide useful answers to those who ask similar questions.

1. Can I Drill Into Concrete Without a Hammer Drill?

Hammer drills do make the work faster and easier. But, you can definitely drill into the concrete with your regular drill although it may not be as effective as a hammer drill.
Just make sure not to apply too much force at a time. Just go deep in slowly step by step.

2. How Long Does It Takes To Drill Into Concrete?

Time depends on many factors like the type of drill, the size of the hole, and the experience of the person also counts.
If we take a rough estimate, an experienced person with a good quality drill can drill a 3-inch deep hole in about 30 secs.

3. Should I Wet The Concrete Before Drilling?

Though not necessary, it is still a good idea as this can keep your drill from overheating preventing it from breaking and moisture reduces the concrete dust from getting into your body which can be hazardous to your health.

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