7 Best Tools To Carve Fruits and Vegetables: Make Your Platter Presentable

fruits and vegetable carving

Nothing can make a platter look more appealing and elegant than a garnish of fresh fruits and veggies. Carved fruits and vegetables are very impressive and have developed into an art form in itself.

Watermelons, pineapples, cucumbers, and many other fruits and vegetables could be carved and combined into a stylish way for your picnic table or party decorations and it can also appeal to children into having more veggies.

Carving could take hours to just get it right. But, with more practice and with the right set of tools, you can make your work easier.

But one question that always arises especially if you are a beginner is, “What tools do I need for carving ?”

So, in this article, we will be going through the best tools to carve fruits and vegetables. We will be covering all the basic tools that you must have if you want your carvings to get a professional look.

Let”s get started…

Best Tools To Carve Fruits and Vegetables

There are many tools designed for carving fruits and vegetables. That is why many of us get confused about what to get on our list.

These tools are the most basic ones and you must have them in your bag if you are a serious carver.

1. Knives

Paring knife

Fruits and vegetable carving involves a lot of cutting which means you would be requiring a knife most often than others. Therefore it is the most important tool that you cannot skip.

A Paring knife is the best fruit carving knife to be considered. It gives very fine and clean cuts and convenient to use than any other knife.

It is the first piece of tool that you will be requiring while carving. Select a knife typically measuring between 2.5 to 4 inches. The small design of the blades makes it ideal for cutting items more precisely.

This knife has a very sharp edge that bends inwards and therefore is also called a ‘bird’s beak’ knife due to its shape.

2. Scalpels


A scalpel is a small and extremely sharp knife used for art and crafts and it is a very important tool for carving.

You are definitely going to need a scalpel when you want finer detailed work. We all love detailed work, so a scalpel is a must-have.

There are many shapes and sizes of scalpels. You can go for a set that has at least 4-5 different shapes and sizes in them for working on different parts.

3. Peelers


Many a time you need to peel your fruit or vegetable before carving. Therefore a peeler is also to be added to the list.

Peelers can also be used for peeling flowers out of carrots and radishes or for making ribbons or spirals which are best to be used as a garnish.

4. V-Shaped Knives

V Shaped knives have sharp triangular blades which are used to cut flowers easily. These are sometimes also called channel knives.

This will give a nice V-shaped cut and give a decorative look to your fruits and veggies.

A V-shaped decorating knife can also be used to cut open melons, pumpkins, papaya, and other fruits and vegetables in a decorative way.

This creates a large zig-zag edge and creating melon bowls becomes quick and easy.

You can go for a set of V-Shaped knives which has at least 3-4 knives in it of different sizes to help you out in cutting different sizes of fruits and veggies.

5. U Shaped Knives

A U-Shaped knife is similar to a V-shaped knife. It serves the same purpose that a V-knife does.

V-shaped knives are also used for cutting open fruits and vegetables and creating melon balls.

This is also used to cut flowers but the only difference is that instead of a zig-zag pattern, this knife gives a U-cut.

6. Corers

A fruit corer is a specialty knife for removing the cores and seeds of apples, cucumbers, etc.

Corers are so useful to garnish food and of course to prepare fruits and vegetables for cooking. It is easy to use and saves a lot of time.

Fruit corers work great with apples, pears, and similar kinds of fruits. When pushed through the apple, it removes the core to the diameter of the circular cutting device. The core can then be removed from the apple corer.

This tool works great when you want to remove the seeds without cutting the apple.

7. Melon Baller

A melon baller is a very important tool that you cannot skip. It is used to scrape melon into tiny balls which looks very attractive.

Commonly known as a prepping utensil, melon ballers can be used for a variety of melons; like watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew.


We have discussed the tools that you will be needing when planning to start out carving fruits and vegetables.

You will get the most out of your tools when you learn to use your tools properly. These basic 7 tools can fulfill almost every requirement and you will be hardly requiring any other tool.

Make sure you take a few sessions on how to use the tools otherwise you will end up injuring yourself.

FAQ: Best Tools To Carve Fruits and Vegetables 

Carving fruits and vegetables is a time-consuming job that requires a lot of time and patience.

Carving is a difficult job if you are a beginner but with little knowledge, you can learn how to carve fruits and vegetables. Many newbies try not to concentrate on learning and give up quite easily.

Also, many people have so much confusion regarding fruits and vegetable carving. So, here we will try to answer some of the commonly asked questions.

Q1. What Is The Purpose Of Fruits And Vegetables Carving?

Ans: Carving fruits and vegetables presents dishes with decorative garnishing which adds an aesthetically pleasing experience to the viewers. Professional fruit carvers also create centerpieces and displays for various events, such as parties and wedding receptions.

Q2. Why Is Garnishing Important?

Ans: Garnishing provides a positive visual element that gives food a special finishing touch. Garnishes are preferred because they brighten up the plate, gives a clue to the flavor of the meal, and complement the taste of the dish.

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