8 Best Wire Cutters For Thick Wires: Complete Buying Guide

Wire Cutters for thick wires

Whether you are an electrician, mechanic, or DIYer, cutting thick wires is always a part of your project. And it is always confusing which wire cutters to buy in order to cut thick wires. A good pair of wire cutters gives you an edge by allowing you to perform your tasks smoothly while enabling you … Read more

4 Best Magnets To Magnetize Your Tools: Buying Guide

Magnets to magnetize your tools

The most frustrating part while working with screws is when it falls over and rolls around some corners while you are unable to locate it. Things become more difficult when working with small electronics or when you are trying to screw in hard-to-reach areas. This problem could be solved entirely if your tools were magnetized. … Read more

7 Best Screw Extractors in 2022- Buying Guide

Best screw extractors

Many a time, when you are trying to tighten or remove a screw or bolt, it gets stripped or jammed. There is no worser feeling than this as you struggle a lot to remove the screw. With a good screw extractor kit, you can remove the screw easily. But with so many options and competing … Read more

Best Sledgehammers for Breaking Concrete

best sledgehammer to break concrete

Breaking concrete needs a durable and reliable sledgehammer as concrete breaking requires a lot of work and energy. The best way to pick the right sledgehammer for your project is to first find out the requirements of your job. You will need a heavy hammer head if your concrete is thick while a light head … Read more

Types Of Hammers

types of hammers

A hammer is a handheld mechanical tool consisting of a long handle that is swung to deliver an impact to an area of an object. The use of hammers dates back to 3.3 million years ago. It is a very basic tool that is found everywhere because it is a very useful tool required for … Read more

How To Replace A Wooden Hammer Handle: 10 Easy steps

How to replace a wooden hammer handel

Wooden handles are the most preferred ones among people as compared to metal and fiberglass due to the fact that they are lightweight, transmit less vibration, and are comfortable to use. However, with regular use, wooden handles do form cracks and the hammer head becomes loose with time and you do not want a random … Read more

7 Ways To Remove Rust From Tools

How to remove rust from tools

If you love your tools, you know how it feels when you see your tools with rust. Rust is one of the biggest threats that can deteriorate the strength and performance of your tools. This usually happens when water or moisture comes in contact with your metal tools. Like a highly contagious disease, rust can … Read more